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                                                              PayPal and Western Union

I need to see the assignment in order to quote you properly. Please send the assignment(s) via email.


   After you send me the problems and clear instructions, I quote you my price. If my quote is acceptable to you, I then request payment. Please don't send payment without me first quoting you a price.


I require payment before beginning any work.


Payments are made by depositing funds into my PayPal account (press the Buy Now button on the top of the page in order to make the payment).


PayPal then notifies me of your payment. I then send you an email stating that I have received your payment and then I begin work on your problems.


When the job is so large that I cannot make an estimate or if you hire me for an extended period of time

(a semester, for example) then I ask for a flow of funds into my PayPal account, $100 at a time. I will request these payments as the work gets done. Also, if the job will take several hundred (or thousands of) dollars, then you can pay me $100 at a time as the work gets done.



I have done jobs ranging from ½ hour to hundreds of hours.



Note: as alternatives to PayPal I accept personal checks, money orders or the wiring of funds through Western Union (if you use this last option then please add $25 for the extra time it takes to go to Western Union, receive payment and come back from W.U.)



In order to make this a successful purchase you have to understand that I am not perfect but I am supplying

you a service that takes me a lot of time to do.  There are no refunds given once the service is rendered.

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